Harbourfront Group Inc. provides economic, econometric, statistical, accounting  and communications consulting services, and associated expert witness support, to our electric and gas utility clients. Our main current concentrations lie in the areas of Load and Energy Forecasting, Load Research Program Design and Revitalization, Smart Meter and Smart Grid Business Case Development, defense  and post-approval ongoing advisory services, Energy Efficiency/Peak Demand Reduction Market Potential Studies, T&D Avoided Cost Studies, and a number of assignments that require econometric/statistical rebuttal experience. At the center of all of our consulting assignments is our exceptional  experience and proven track record in providing expert witness support for all of our work products. Harbourfront has over 15 electric and gas utility clients that have employed our services on a continuing basis for between 10 and 25 years.

Harbourfront’s professionals, led by George L. Fitzpatrick, provide the subject matter expertise and expert witness experience to successfully present and defend our analyses and positions.