Harbourfront Group was formed in 2003 by George L. Fitzpatrick, former founder and CEO of Applied Energy Group and co-founder of Hampton Strategies.

Harbourfront Group’s value proposition to our clients stems from our extensive experience in providing expert witness support for all of our analytical and policy work products. Our work products are thoughtfully developed and are expertly defended. It is for this reason that the overwhelming majority of Harbourfront’s clients have utilized the Harbourfront team repeatedly, and on a range of subjects, over many years. The quality of our work and the quality of our expert witness support is the hallmark of our value to our clients

The focus of Harbourfront’s consulting practice is in the following subject areas:

Rate Case Litigation Support:

Examples of services offered in this area of concentration include:

  • Short and long term econometric sales and peak forecasts for Electric and Gas
  • System Envelope Forecasts
  • Non-Linear, Multi-Variate, Weather Normalization Studies of test year sales, revenues and peaks-by class and and substation, as required
  • Cost of Service-Revenue Requirements
  • T&D Avoided Cost Studies
  • Smart Meter and Smart Grid Business Case Development
  • Load Research Sample Design, Selection, Analysis and Revitalization Studies
  • Energy Efficiency/Peak Demand Reduction Market Potential Studies
  • Nuclear, Fossil and Renewable Generation Cost and Performance Analyses
  • Class Cost Allocation Studies
  • Innovative Rate Design Studies
  • Rebuttal testimony requiring econometric and/or statistical expertise

We also have significant rate case experience in providing cross-examination assistance and rebuttal testimony on accounting, economic, econometric, and statistical related subject matters.

Benchmarking of Key Utility Cost and Performance Metrics:

Our team has developed a number of statistical benchmarking studies and testimony related to nuclear and fossil generation costs and performance, distribution reliability and other utility performance metrics. Harbourfront has extensive experience in developing “model based” cost and performance benchmarks that more accurately represent specific nuclear unit performance based upon key, statistically significant, physical and locational differences.

Energy Efficiency/Demand Response Measure Potential Assessment, Program Design, and Program Development:

The Harbourfront Group team possesses over 60 person years of experience in this area of concentration. We have performed comprehensive EE/DR potential assessments for a number of electric utilities and have designed suites of programs that, taken together, comprise an effective Energy Efficiency menu for our clients to offer their customers. Our staff has designed and operated Energy Services business units using a combination of consultants and company employees to initially staff these organizations.

Further, our in-depth load research / customer research sampling and modeling expertise has assisted clients in reliably capturing important attribute and measurement data necessary for the development of cost effective and utility-specific Energy Efficiency programs.

Forensic Accounting and Statistical Studies and Expert Witness Support:

Examples of services offered in this area of concentration include:

  • Nuclear and Fossil Generation Performance Standard design and implementation issues
  • SAIDI and SAIFI analyses and benchmarking
  • Power Plant Cost and Performance analyses
  • “Best explanatory measures” statistical analyses
  • Expert rebuttal testimony

Lifecycle Economic Studies of Competing Client Investment Opportunities:

Examples of services offered in this area of concentration include:

  • Supply side vs. demand side alternatives
  • “Build vs. buy” analyses
  • Lifecycle comparative economics of utility plant investment options
  • Smart Meter business case development and defense
  • Expert testimony

Peak Load and Energy Forecasting:

Examples of services offered in this area of concentration for both electric and gas utilities include:

  • Development of a comprehensive, end-to-end short and long term sales-by-class and system/ class/substation peak modeling system and yearly forecast process
  • Econometric and Econometric-End Use modeling processes
  • Review of Corporate forecasts and Planning studies
  • Econometric based “Direct Peak” forecasts
  • Forecast Prudence Reviews
  • Direct and Rebuttal Expert testimony

Load Research-related Services:

Examples of services offered in this area of concentration include:

  • Sample Design and Analysis for rate design and cost of service
  • Customer Profitability Assessments
  • System Peak Allocation Studies
  • DSM Program impact assessments

Weather Normalization Studies:

Harbourfront has developed a “best practice” non-linear weather normalization modeling process that automatically customizes itself specifically to each client’s summer and winter climates, saturation of weather sensitive loads and demographics. These analyses are used for such purposes as:

  • Adjustment of historical Test Year Sales and Revenues
  • Peak Load and System Energy Forecast calibration
  • Evaluation of actually realized year-to-year and month-to-month sales growth by class of business
  • Developing service territory-specific “weather normals” for use in weather normalization prospective and historical test year adjustments

Smart Meter Business Case Analyses:

Harbourfront professionals have been involved in the development of business cases for Smart Meter deployments for four electric utilities. These analyses consider hard benefits as well as societal benefits. Our experience with lifecycle economic analyses provides our team with the credibility required to successfully present and defend such business cases.