Our Resumes

George L. Fitzpatrick


George Fitzpatrick’s professional experience includes over 45 years within utility management and electric/gas management consulting fields. Mr. Fitzpatrick’s areas of expertise include: economic and econometric analysis for energy and peak forecasting, load research, integrated resource planning, demand side management program design and market potential studies, smart meter, smart city business case development as well as nuclear, fossil and renewable generating plant life cycle economics, operating costs and performance modeling and benchmarking and utility investment prudence analyses. He has testified extensively throughout the U.S. before the FERC and many state regulatory commissions, in both direct and rebuttal roles. Areas in which he has provided testimony include:

  • Lifecycle economic analysis of nuclear, fossil and renewable generation investments
  • Nuclear, fossil and renewable generation operating costs and performance modeling
  • Nuclear and total utility operating performance standards
  • Integrated Resource Planning
  • Electric and Gas Demand Side Management / Energy Efficiency (DSM/EE) Program Assessment, Implementation and Evaluation; Energy Efficiency Market Potential Studies
  • Comparative lifecycle economics of competing utility investments
  • Econometric/statistical-based Peak Load and Energy / Sales Forecasting; Service Territory and “Envelope” Forecasts
  • Other Econometric and Statistical Studies on Utility- related Issues
  • Weather Normalization Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Load Research Program Sample Design, Implementation and Analysis
  • Rate Design
  • Cost of Service Studies
  • Renewable Program Evaluation
  • Performance Standard design and statistical construction
  • SAIDI / SAIFI-related statistical investigations
  • Smart Meter/Smart Grid/Smart City investment(s) lifecycle economic business case development and defense

During Mr. Fitzpatrick’s consulting career he has provided services, many on a continuing basis, to over 50 electric and gas utility clients both in the U.S. and internationally. Of note, the majority of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s clients have utilized his services on a continuing basis over the years as a senior management consultant and/or expert witness.

George has a B.A. and an M.B.A. in Economics from St. John’s University, with advanced graduate level course work in econometrics, statistics and non linear modeling techniques.

Kathy J. Kolich

Managing Director

Kathy Kolich’s professional experience includes over 30 years within the energy industry, having spent most of her time either as in-house counsel or as a member of management at a Fortune 200 energy company. Ms. Kolich’s areas of expertise include regulatory litigation, regulatory affairs and litigation strategy, witness and testimony preparation, discovery management, rate design and wholesale pricing, energy efficiency program analysis and utility operations evaluation. Ms. Kolich has litigated numerous cases before both the Ohio and Pennsylvania utility regulatory commissions, and has argued several appeals before the Ohio State Supreme Court. Her litigation experience includes:

  • Base Rate Cases
  • Fuel Recovery Cases
  • Energy Efficiency Portfolio Cases
  • Smart Grid/ Smart Meter Design and Implementation Cases
  • Consumer Complaint Cases
  • Other Regulatory Filings

In addition to bringing her experience as a regulatory advisor to Harbourfront clients, Kathy brings management experience in areas such as:

  • Rates and regulatory affairs
  • Middle office management (unregulated billing, call center, wholesale-retail settlement)
  • Energy management consulting.

Ms. Kolich is a two-time graduate of The Ohio State University, having received both her Juris Doctor degree and Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Accounting), summa cum laude, from Ohio State. Kathy is a licensed attorney in the States of Ohio and Pennsylvania and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Colorado. She was recognized as a National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) VIP Woman of The Year – 2014 and was recently named to Continental Who’s Who as a 2017 Professional of the Year in the field of Consulting.

Richard J. Rudden

Senior Strategy Advisor

Richard has been active as a senior executive in the energy and utilities industry for over thirty years, serving in strategic planning as well as expert advisory, technical, forensic, financial and management consulting roles.

He is presently Managing Partner at Target Rock Advisors, LLC, a firm specializing in sustainability assessment, stock market indexing and related consulting in the utility industry. (See www.targetrockadvisors.com) Prior to founding Target Rock he was employed in executive and management positions at a number of utility sector companies, including Con Edison, Stone & Webster (now Shaw) and Black & Veatch. He was also the founder and chair of R. J. Rudden Associates, Inc., an economic and strategy consulting firm, and Managing Partner at R. J. Rudden Financial, LLC, an affiliated NASD registered broker-dealer specializing in the energy and utilities sectors. R.J. Rudden was acquired by Black & Veatch in 2005, after approximately 24 years of industry leadership.

While at Black & Veatch, Richard was a Senior Vice President and global energy sector lead for the firm’s management consulting practice. He was also chair of the company’s climate change and sustainability leadership group and founding editor of “Pathfinder,” a magazine dedicated to global sustainability issues in the water and energy sectors. He has served on the Board of Directors of the North American Energy Standards Board as well as a non-regulated retail energy marketer.

Richard has testified as an expert witness before numerous state, federal and provincial regulatory agencies, as well as in bankruptcy and civil courts. He serves as Treasurer, Board member and Executive Committee member at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk NY, where he has been active in the Marine and Environmental programs.

Howard Gorman, CPA

Senior Associate Consultant

Mr. Gorman has more than 25 years of experience in the energy industry, including 15 years in rate and regulatory proceedings, and more than 30 years experience overall in accounting, finance and rate and regulatory matters.

Mr. Gorman has testified as an expert witness regarding utility revenue requirements, class cost of service, marginal cost studies, revenue allocation and rate design. He has testified as an expert witness before the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, New York State Public Service Commission, Ontario Energy Board, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission.

Mr. Gorman has performed financial analyses of energy infrastructure projects for acquisitions and in support of due diligence for financing, and has negotiated and completed construction and term loans, tax-exempt and taxable bonds and subordinated debt. His experience includes financial modeling, financial analysis and forecasting.

Mr. Gorman also has experience as Controller and Treasurer of Trigen Energy Corporation, where he built the finance function and supported an IPO with NYSE listing.

In addition to his affiliation with Harbourfront, Howard is the President of HSG Group, Inc. He has a BS, Accounting from New York University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, and is a New York State Certified Public Accountant.

Additional Harbourfront Resources:

A team of eight analytical, forecasting, research, information processing, and administrative personnel supports our senior professional staff. Affiliated consulting firms provide additional analytical resources, as needed, to round out our team depending upon the project. Similarly, Harbourfront Group personnel provide econometric, statistical, lifecycle economic, benchmarking and expert witness services to enhance the offerings of other well known consulting organizations, both in the U.S. and internationally.